Dalvin Fadahunsi


My name is Dalvin Fadahunsi. I'm an upcoming actor who was born in East London, moved to derby at 13, but had done drama at school and remembering the 'High' I got from performing in front of people. Forgot to tell after I left school I did take a few years away from acting and just enjoyed my youth. I came back to London age 22 to pursue acting, subsequent to me realising if I took it serious I can get somewhere with it. I studied at IDENTITY Drama school for a year in a half, greatest year in a half of my life, I learnt alot but no longer with the school as I feel confident I've learnt enough for me to go into the industry.


Zechariah Lovell


Zechariah studies Drama and Theatre Arts at University.
He has already stared in two short films on YouTube:

 Endure For A Night and a short film called 8:39
He is also a Spoken Word Artist with two published poems on YouTube.

 Insecurity and Discipline
Zechariah trained professionally with Young and Talented


Joshua Jay


Joshua Jay is 20 years old and is an upcoming actor who has been involved in a rage of projects in 2019, from 3 web series which are in post production to short films one of them being “Forbidden Fruits” which is on the MYM channel on YouTube.

Having studied at Identiy School Of Acting  for a year in 2017, his passion and love for acting grew. His recent on stage performance was a monologue at one of the  “ Levile and Chill” events in the summer , also he is apart of Maktub Theatre Company where they train twice a week to work on their craft and create content to put on stage. Joshua’s ambition strives through as his journey as an actor continues.
Instagram : J.JAY5
Twitter : JJAY1_
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Ella Wills


Truly a rising young star! Ella is a driving force to this short film. She plays Samantha, a young woman that has a need to be popular on social media. Because of this need she chooses to post a video of an attack that she had taken moments earlier. The sharing of this video is part of the humiliation of the victim. Her role addresses the challenges we all have to send and receiving content that can be considered harmful .


Ellis Witter 


"For me I feel like Crippled Karma has created it's own Genre by giving Victims a voice and to show the world what these people are thinking. We have created roles where the main character has Cerebral Palsy and 2 other characters have autism. For us to have created this powerful short film without a budget, breaks the mould in all areas. It's in a genre of it's own".

Jamal and Marlon have an almost brother relationship. They are very close but lost touch with each other ever since they finished school/college. They've keep in contact but this event brings them to see each other once again, they catch up over drinks in which they end up having a little too much and having it spiked as well, leading them to be kidnapped. Relying purely on their flight or fight instincts to save them, what will become of them? Will they ever see each other again? Gotta watch Crippled Karma to find out...


Tadiwa Lusengo


Tadiwa is an actor starring in an online web series on YouTube called DRILLIN. He aims to develop his career as an actor progressing to Tv and Film. Tadiwa is also due to star in the up and coming feature film Blue Story which is hitting the cinemas in a couple of weeks, and not only that Tadiwa is also due to star in a spot in a commercial for Sport ReliefIt’s Game On’ due to hit your tv screens in the new year.


Abdi Omar


Abdi Omar is brilliant in this short film. Although Abdi is fully disabled, he managed to create a masterpiece in acting. His passion for acting is just a small part of his abilities. Abdi is also a public speaker and motivation coach to others. 

Playing Mo in this short film helped Abdi to achieve his lifetime goal of acting. Nothing more than touching. 


Max Green 


Max J Green was born in 1997. Max is an YouTuber and Actor best known for Holby City, Doctors and The National Autistic Society Campaign - Could You Stand the Rejection, which trended all across the world and has been views by over 10 million people. Max has been on YouTube since 2009 and this really helped him with his confidence, he enjoys acting and making videos. He has always wanted to act and is very passionate about it. He wants to show people you can do anything if you put your mind to it and wants to act because that is his dream. Max has been in many productions, but is mostly known for Holby City and Doctors. On Holby City Max played a young man called Stephen Holting who suffered with ASD (Autism spectrum disorder). In Doctors Max played a young man called Paul Allen who was trying to take care of a friend who was involved in domestic abuse. Max announced on his YouTube channel in 2016 he has ASD in real life along with OCD and ADHD, but he has learned how to cope with his disorder over the years as he has got older. Max's ASD is more on the Asperges spectrum rather than the Autistic spectrum which Max's Character Stephen in Holby City had suffered with. Max is very versatile and cannot only play parts that relate to his condition but can play many other parts as well.


Daniel Barclay


Daniel is an up and coming actor that has been acting for a number of years. He has made a number of short films that explore and change the narrative. His films can be found on Youtube and other platforms. It was a real pleasure working with Daniel on this project. His role can be seen as sinister, but crucial to the overall story. 

A compelling performance!




James is  17 and currently in his second year of A levels. James also has his own YouTube channel called Recognition where he creates his own short films.

A stunning performance in this short film. James will make history with his classic portrayal of a character that is truly convincing. 

Salim Abdullah


My name is Salim but I go by the name of Litness on YouTube where I post entertaining content to satisfy my audience and hopefully expand on my fan base.
I first started acting in my own short film alongside with other small actors in my own short film - The Cycle, we then spoke to Paul Mckenzie and he offered me and the actors a role in his upcoming project ‘Sick’ which we enjoyed and reluctantly watched it get more and more attention, but ultimately, I love acting!