Kenrick Fagan

Director of Photography

As a film maker, I am always looking at working on projects that make a real change to society. My goal is always to change the narrative in my work. 


Paul Mckenzie


My name is Paul Mckenzie and for a long time I have played with the idea of making a short film. Being a creative, I decided to put my hand to writing and producing a series of short films that change the narrative. The first of these short films is SICK the movie. This film challenged mental health in youth and has gone on to be screened in front of many professionals and had its celebrated debut at the National Gallery making history in Black History month. Crippled Karma is again addressing the amount of violence in our society. It focuses on how the victims of violence feel. The film is being screened in November 2019. 

jaychelle headshot.jpg

Jaychelle Smith


Jaychelle is an actor starring in a McDonald's commercial and being the face of knife free UK. She aims to develop her career as a writer and director progressing to TV and film. With every project you need a team that knows what is needed without too much direction. Jaychelle as well as acting in her own short films assisted on this project. She is full of energy and made all the difference to the brilliance of the short.